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2013 another odd sugaring season

Like everyone else, we are trying to adjust to what some have called "the new normal" in terms of the weather. While 2012 was an unusually early year, 2013 started more closely to the typical start of late February to early March. Unfortunately, at our elevation, we experienced much colder than normal temps. from March 12 to March 24, when it never got out of the high 20's. As a result, we collected zero sap, and lost a major portion of the syrup production season. Temps. moderated to around normal afterward and we made a lot of nice tasting syrup after that so we ended up with about an average production year.

Fans or Grade B syrup will be disappointed, however, in that we never made a drop. Most of our production was Grade a Light Amber, and the darkest we made was Grade A Dark Amber.

At tjis point, we are still cleaning up after the season using the Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide wash that we flush down all the sap tubing. One of the good aspects of using peroxide is that it is non-toxic and breaks down to water and oxygen. This is much better than using bleach, which can leave a residue inside of the tubing, plus is attractive to little critters (chipmunkcs, red squirrels) that like to chew the plastic to get at any salt residue. We can't understand how others get by withour cleaning their tubing since lots of microbes like to grow on maple sap.