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Why Organic?

We are sometimes asked "Isn't all maple syrup organically produced?" Surprisingly, the answer is "No". As part of the Certification process, we keep detailed records of all materials used either in the sugarbush itself, or in the production and packaging of the syrup. In order to conform to USDA Organic Certification Standards, we tap our trees according to guidelines and use other wood lot management practices that are designed to maintain the long term health of the trees. We do not over tap our trees! We also do not use prohibited materials, such as the formaldehyde tablets still used occasionally (and most importantly illegally) in some parts of Canada, or synthetic defoamers used to keep syrup pans from boiling over, or certain cleaners that can leave undesirable residues in syrup equipment. We also have voluntarily converted all of our equipment to lead-free stainless steel to eliminate possible presence of lead in finished syrup. Because of the methods we use to make syrup, our syrup is suitable for those who keep Kosher or Halal.

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