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General information about maple sugaring at Blue Heron Farm. 

Order Blue Heron Farm Organic Maple Syrup


Grade A syrup is also available in sizes from ½ pint to gallon through mail order, either UPS ground or U.S. Postal Service 2-3 day Priority Mail. If you decide to order, please email us at and provide the size(s) and grade(s) you are interested in, the number of each size, and your full mailing address including zip code and a day time phone number. We will then email back with costs for shipping and handling plus the syrup.

Praise for Our Syrup

"The syrup arrived yesterday in good order. SO DELICIOUS...I had several big tastes right off the spoon and am so delighted with the quality and depth of flavor! Thank you for tending so kindly to your land and trees, and the syrup they offer up for our enjoyment. thank you again so very much!"
- A North Carolina customer.

"I would like to send my family in Oregon a half gallon to let them try some of what you have produced for it doesn't get any better than that in my opinion."
- Ludlow customer 

Why Organic?

We are sometimes asked "Isn't all maple syrup organically produced?" Surprisingly, the answer is "No". As part of the Certification process, we keep detailed records of all materials used either in the sugarbush itself, or in the production and packaging of the syrup.

What's New in 2010

Sugaring came early in 2010, matching a trend that we have noticed for many years of earlier and earlier sap flow. We were tapped early (by Feb 22), and were able to collect sap from those early runs. It’s fortunate that we did, because the season sort of petered out as we got further and further into March, the normal peak sugaring time.  In spite of the odd season, syrup quality was good and we ended up with a decent year.

What's new at BHF, February, 2000

Pony with kidsAlthough night time air temperatures still are making it down into the single digits, teens and twenties, the sun gets higher in the sky every day and the days get longer as spring approaches the Berkshires. We still have 2+ feet of beautiful powder snow all over the fields and in the woods: just perfect for snow shoeing or X-C skiing.