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Fjord Links

Snowy Mountain Fjords
Home of 16 to 20 registered Norwegian Fjords & loving everyone of them !   We operate a 25-Acre organic farm, and our fjords are used to till the soil for our gardens & orchards. They haul logs, rocks, hay, & tools.  Often being considered the strongest horse per pound, We see why. They certainly make a lot of farm chores easier & fun.

Northeast Fjord Horse Association
The Northeast Fjord Horse Association (NFHA) is a regional club dedicated to promoting and enjoying the Norwegian Fjord Horse.

Knutsen Fjord Farm
The versatility and temperament of this exceptional breed have been so highly valued in Norway that Fjords (say "Fee-ords") have been carefully and selectively bred there for at least 2,000 years. They are Norway’s oldest horse breed. Archeological evidence indicates that the ancestral Fjords migrated west to the Scandinavian peninsula over 4,000 years ago, and were domesticated about 2,000 BC.

Shota Fjords
Breeding powerful athletes with heart and style Draft - Trail - Dressage - Driving - Cutting - Packing Versatile, Gentle, Dependable Imprinted, Natural Horsemanship Trained, NFHR Registered Norwegian Fjord Horses - The Horse For All Your Needs

American Driving Society
Any interested person can learn about driving whether or not they can ride, but it holds a special appeal for horsemen looking for a new challenge.  Experience the enjoyment- come carriage driving with The American Driving Society!

Blue Bird Lane Fjords
The Norwegian Fjord Horse is a versatile, unique, and classy horse that originated in Norway. We are breeders and admirers of the Fjord horse, based in Southern Ontario, Canada. We invite you to browse our site to find out more about this unique breed of horse, and our farm.

Pat Wolfe
Pat Wolfe's Norwegian Fjord Horses.

The Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry
The Norwegian Fjord Horse is one of the world's oldest and purest breeds. It is believed that the original Fjord Horse migrated to Norway and was domesticated over 4,000 years ago. Herds of wild Fjord Horses existed in Norway after the last ice age. Archaeological excavations at Viking burial sites indicate that the Fjord Horse has been selectively bred for at least 2,000 years.

Norse mythology
If you are looking for names here is a good site to check out. It lists lots of the Norse Mythology names and who they were & what they did.

Briar Hill Farm
Briar Hill Farm features training, breeding, & sales of Norwegian Fjord Horses & English Dales Ponies

Curt Pierce Deep Creek Fjords
An email link for Curt Pierce Deep Creek Fjords. 

The Viking Answer Lady
The Viking Answer Lady is Herskerinde (Mistress) Gunnora,an eighth-century Finn who will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about pigs if you let her.  Her alter ego, Christie Ward, is a historian interested in Iron Age Scandinavia (but still has a day job as well).