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Much loved dogs, Sierra, a well behaved German sheperd and Buster, and English Cocker Spaniel, side by side near the farm fencingTwo dear members of the farm family, Sierra, a very friendly 9-year old German Shepherd, and Buster, a lovable English Cocker Spaniel, left us in 2002 and will be dearly missed. Since we could not stand the thought of being "dogless", a short time after losing Sierra and Buster, we found and purchased a sweet AND ENERGETIC English Springer Spaniel who we named Tucker. Tucker soon became the official Guest greeter and walker, always willing to take visitors on hikes to the back mowing, where he would run around looking for birds to flush. Unfortunately, at about age 9, he developed a tumor on his liver that caused internal bleeding, forcing us to put him to sleep. He is buried on the edge of his beloved back mowing. Honestly, even now I get teary when I walk by the standing stone that marks his grave.

Dog Tucker, the English Springer spaniel, and Luther, a Siamese cat, share the sun outside the farmhouse.Another addition was a purebred Siamese we named LutherLuther showed up at the farm one day completely feral. Over time Norma was able to get to know him, and he transformed into a “lap cat”.  He and Tucker also become close friends.  Unfortunately, one day Luther apparently decided to move along as we haven’t seen him since. Rather than think of possible bad outcomes, we prefer to think he has adopted yet another family and is comfortably ensconced in their parlor.

A beautiful, bengal striped cat curled up napping by the woodstove in the kitchen. We also were fortunate to have been given another wonderful animal friend, a Bengal Cat named "Maddie" (short for Madagascar). Maddie fit right in to our household, which she clearly ruled, and which she kept free of mice until she  died peacefullly in her sleep at age 11.

Dog Chrissy, a black and white Boston Terrier, rides atop the hay in the back of the pickupIn 2008, we decided to look for another dog to keep Tucker company. Since Bill had grown up with the breed, we began looking for a Boston Terrier. We were able to connect with a great group of folks who run a Boston Terrier Rescue group and eventually found Christina. Chrissy joined the family as a 2 and a half year old, having been given up voluntarily by a loving family that had two other Bostons. Unfortunately, the two older dogs would beat Chrissy up, causing serious injuries, so the family was forced to put her up for adoption. When we applied, they told us they were looking to place her with a family “with a big back yard”. Apparently 140 acres was big enough!

One of the latest additions to our animal family is another rescued Boston Terrier named Fifi. src="/sites/default/files/Fifi 2013.jpg. Before coming to us, Fifi had lived a hard life, a major  part of which she lived with a homeless man on the streets of New York City. At one point, her owner became unable to take care of himself and her, and she had become a 15 pound bag of bones. When her owner had to go into a shelter that did not allow pets, we are told that she was forcibly separated from him by the NY Animal Control officer using a catch pole. This separation was evidently highly traumatic for her until she was rescued by a group (S.N.O.R.T.) that specializes in short nosed dogs like pugs, bulldogs and Bostons. After spending a few months with a wondferful foster family in New Jersey who nursed her back to health, we brought her home. The first year she was here was definitely an adjustment for all of us as she was very distrustful, becoming very agitated when anyone entered or left the house. Now, two years into her stay here, while she still has "issues", she has calmed down greatly and now sleeps with us and is generally very happy, as well as being a fit and buff 23 pounds.


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Like several of our former dog companions, Tucker just loves to run around chasing anything that flies (birds, dragonflies, butterflies, even bats), go for walks with our guests, and take swims in the pond. He has even been known to catch the occasional careless trout that swam too close to the edge of the pond.


Maddie is the Bengal cat of Blue Heron Farm. She has fit right in to our household, which she clearly rules, and which she has kept free of mice.


Christina - Chrissy - is the Boston Terrier of Blue Heron Farm.

In Memorium


Luther, the pure-bred Siamese cat at Blue Heron Farm is imagined to have adopted yet another family and is comfortably ensconced in their parlor 


Buster was a cherished member of our family, who distinguished himself by his loyalty with a lot of heart and a great nose